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It has many translations. The status is represented by a color indicator to its right. Or, segment translated by machine translation Solid Grey Hidden segments hidden by a manager Dotted Grey More about segments in the documentation. Proofread Completed Segment A proofread segment has had its translation read by a proofreader and any errors have been marked or corrected.

Who can and how to proofread? Proofread segments appear with a tradingview via btc indicator.

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How to unproofread a segment? Managers and translators with proofreading rights can unproofread a segment by un-ticking the segment checkbox. Editing and changing the translation of a proofread segment also marks the segment as unproofread.

More about segments in the documentation. Unproofread Segment An unproofread segment is a segment that has not been read and validated by a proofreader. Unproofread segments appear with a orange, dotted indicator.

How to proofread a tradingview via btc Managers and translators with proofreading rights can proofread a segment by ticking the segment checkbox.

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Untranslated Segment An untranslated segment is a segment that has not been translated nor proofread yet. An untranslated segment can be proofread in which case its status is proofread.


This is useful when a segment must be intentionally be left blank for instance. Untranslated segments appear with a red, dotted indicator. How to translate a segment? Managers and translators can translate a segment by clicking on the translation area.

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Managers and translators can then type their translation in the translation area and click on the green Save button to save the translation. To Verify Segment A segment to verify is a segment for which the translation needs to be verified by a translator or proofread for one of the following reasons: The segment was translated but the source text therefore the meaning of the segment was changed afterwards.

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Or a manager found a translation they thought should be looked at and manually marked a translation as to verify. In both cases a translator will need to check if the translation is still correct with the new source text, will make amendments if necessary and mark the segment as unproofread.

Segments to verify appear with a orange, double-lined indicator.

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Obsolete Segment An obsolete segment is a segment that is no longer in use in your project. Obsolete segments are hidden from translators. Why are my segments marked as obsolete? When someone uploads a new version of your file in which a segment was removed it will then be removed from WebTranslateIt as well.

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We call that obsoleting a segment. For more information and concrete examples check our documentation on obsoleting segments. How can I un-obsolete a segment?

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You can mark tradingview via btc segment as active by uploading a version of your file that contains that segment, tradingview via btc by marking the obsolete segment as active. Hidden Segment A hidden segment is a segment that was hidden by a manager. Hidden segments are not visible by translators.

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Only managers can hide segments by clicking on the options button » Hide segment. Managers can mark a hidden segment back to active by clicking on the options button » Flag segment as active. Plural Segments A plural segment is a segment which often includes a countable variable placeholder a number for which the value can vary programmatically. Nouns are inflected by this grammatical number and generally have different forms for singular and plural. In English for instance we decline the word dog in 1 dog and 2 dogs.

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You can use the help tools given in the translation interface to translate these segments. Important You may have more or less plural forms in your target language than in your master language. Plurals are different in many languages.

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For more information read the section about plural segments in the Tradingview via btc and in the documentation. AutoSave AutoSave is a feature that you can activate and deactivate in the toolbar.

Master Master usually means source, as opposed to target. It can refer to the master language, the source language on your project.

TradingView, Inc./TradingView

There can only be one master language per project. It can also refer to the master file, a language file in the master language. A Target Language is the language you translate your project to. There can be one or many target languages per project.

More about languages and files in the documentation. Target Target usually refers to the languages you translate your project into, as opposed to the source or master language. A target language is a language you translate your project into.

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There can be several target languages in a project. A Target File is a file containing all the translations made into one language.

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A Target File is a copy of the Master File but in the target language. Many options let you refine your search. Where to search: all, key, source, target Right next to the search box you will find 4 options to refine your search.

You will get a lot of results but this is generally a good option to quickly search for something. Source lets you specifically query for the source text.

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It will look for a stand-alone word in the source text. Target lets you specifically query for the target text. It will look for a stand-alone word tradingview via btc the target text.

È stata inventata da Satoshi Nakamoto con un software open source e consente agli utenti di effettuare transazioni peer-to-peer tramite la rete Internet, che vengono registrate in un registro pubblico decentralizzato. Bitocin ha la capitalizzazione più alta tra tutte le criptovalute, 19 volte quella di Ethereumseconda in questa classifica. Il numero di unità ha un limite massimo di 21 milioni, di cui 16 già disponibili. Un limite che garantisce che l'inflazione non ne diminuisca il valore.

Ignore Case Ignore case lets you choose whether your search is case sensitive or not. Collaborators Collaborators are users working on at least one project of your organization. Collaborators are added automatically when you invite someone to a project or Team.

On the other hand, removing a collaborator from your organization revokes their access to all of your Projects tradingview via btc Teams. It means that this collaborator will be able to create new projects for your organization and assign projects to Teams.

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