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The Key Role of Food Education Within the Long Life Formula Method

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Following a healthy diet, however, does not only mean counting calories. In addition to supplying our body with energy, food also contains the substances plant based clinic to carry out many functions, such as: Maintaining a regular turnover of plant based clinic and other elements Performing all physiological processes correctly Boosting the immune system Eating in a healthy and balanced way must become a regular habit and must be maintained over time as a part of a healthy lifestyle.

A Vegan Diet Doesn't Reverse Heart Disease After All?

This assumption being one of its pillars, the Long Life Formula method has a strong focus on education and gives our guests the necessary tools to put into practice what they have learned during their stay in our facility after they go back to their everyday lives — thus avoiding mistakes in the choice and matching of ingredients.

Moreover, our dietary plan is perfectly in line with one of the main goals of all Long Life Formula programmes, i.

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This term refers to a state of imbalance between the aggressions of reactive species including free radicals and the plant based clinic of our antioxidant mechanisms to defend our body and it is known to be associated with premature ageing and various chronical diseases. A balanced diet provides the body with most of the antioxidants it needs and most of all it reduces the oxidant potential.

In certain cases, we also recommend the use of food supplements.

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Our exclusive line of Long Life Formula food supplements includes: Holly willoughby bitcoin scam Plus, a supplement based on physiological antioxidants and their precursors; it can counteract the cellular damage caused by free radicals; Epalif, a supplement based on plant extracts that boosts detoxification and good liver function; Libencore, a supplement based on plant extracts, red fermented rice and plant sterols; it helps to maintain the metabolism of lipids stable and healthy; Trenat, a supplement based on an extract of Antarctic krill, an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids such as EPA and DHAwhich help maintain normal cardiac, brain and visual functions; Weightloss, a useful supplement plant based clinic reduce body weight; Afro, a supplement based on a combination of plant extracts with toning and revitalising properties; it contains arginine and ornithine; ReducinaLife, a supplement based on a combination of plant extracts.

It is useful to maintain a balanced body weight during calorie-controlled diets and it contains centella, horse chestnut and grape seeds, which enhance the blood microcirculation and also help plant based clinic cellulite. For further information on food supplements and on the Long Life Formula method, you can contact us here.

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