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The decision was made to protect the health of teachers and students per epidemic prevention and control measures as the exam in the current situation could increase cross-infection risks, the municipal education department said.

The exam time would be set soon depending on the epidemic situation and be made public in advance, said Gu Zhongpeng, deputy director of the department.

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More than 90, junior high school students are scheduled to take part in the exam, Gu said. Authorities in Guangzhou on Monday also lifted lockdown in 11 regions in five districts after hacer trading con bitcoin epidemic situation eased. The commission added that both of them are in stable condition.

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The province also reported three imported confirmed cases and 14 imported asymptomatic carriers on Sunday. Featuring the shipwrecks and porcelains from Tang Dynasty to Qing Dynastythe exhibition displays over cultural relics, some of which come from the National Museum and Palace Museum collection.

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It shows the maritime traffic, seamanship, porcelain trade, and cultural communication of ancient China. Through these treasures, the scroll of the Maritime Silk Road history is unfolded. It also boasts one of the largest collections of the Ming and Qing royal porcelain in the world.

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The singer-songwriter was When she was 15, Loo formed the electrofolk and cantopop musical group at17 with Eman Lam. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in Last year, she came out as a homosexual while junior bitcoin trader an award at the Golden Melody Awards.

In a press release, Sanofi said the investment will be "fully financed through resource reallocation.

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Last December, Sanofi announced that a COVID vaccine candidate, which it had been developing jointly with Britain's GSK, would not be ready before the end of as first trials did not show sufficient immune response. The Sanofi-GSK vaccine would combine a Sanofi-developed antigen, which stimulates the production of germ-killing antibodies, with GSK's adjuvant technology, a substance that bolsters the immune response triggered by a vaccine, according to reports.

With its five-year plan to invest two billion euros in mRNA technology, Sanofi aims to catch up with its peers in COVID vaccine development and keep its leading position in junior bitcoin trader colossal vaccines market, the French daily Les Echos commented.

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The vessel left the eastern city of Qingdao on March 10 on an expedition to the seamounts. With 80 people on board, the vessel is expected to return in late April.

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