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It has multiple options available, apart from standard cloud mining it also offers cloud folding services, the ability to rent hashrate and point it to your on pool, or mine with your hardware in their mining pools, they even offer their own software for mining.

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There is also a built in faucet with small valore borsa payouts built-in that can help you get started even without investing your own eobot bitcoin or coins in the service plus some awards to stimulate you to return often such as a daily DOGE reward just for logging in.

Though the additional coins are not mined directly, but probably your mined profit is exchanged for the crypto currency you choose.

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At the moment the service has almost thousand users registered, but apparently not that much of them actually have purchased a lot of hashrate for clud mining. There are two options available in the form of 5 year contracts — GHS 1. The GHS 2.

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The mining break even time in months at the moment is almost 50 months for the GHS 1. At some point there were also scrypt cloud mining contracts being sold as well, but these are no longer available.

Update Terbaru Eobot 2020 - Supaya Bisa Mining dan Withdrawal

There si also support for purchasing hashrate via PayPal, but if you do so there is a rule that no withdraws can be eobot bitcoin for days after every PayPal purchase as apparently set as a precaution to avoid fraud, but eobot bitcoin very convenient for honest miners. Interestingly enough with just about GHS of hashrate the website ranks us in the eobot bitcoin users in terms of purchased hashrate from the K in total.

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