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Financial results were prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards, as issued by the International Accounting Standards Board, and are expressed in Canadian dollars unless otherwise stated. Revenues for Q3 were comparative to Q with a decrease in royalty revenue offset by an increase in interest, dividend, and other property income.

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The total general and administrative costs are comparable to Q with an increase in transfer agent and filing fees directly related to the timing of annual listing fees. General and administrative costs can emx crypto from period to period as a result emx crypto many of the Company's costs being denominated and paid in USD. In the southwestern U. Similarly, partner companies Gold Lion Resources Inc. Also in Nevada, Ridgeline Emx crypto Corp.

As partnered properties were advanced, the Company's royalty generation programs added new gold projects to the portfolio by staking open ground in Idaho and Nevada. The portfolio will generate cash flow to EMX from option cash payments, which will be supplemented by share-based emx crypto.

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The Company's partnered projects and royalty properties in Fennoscandia were advanced on multiple fronts during Q3. EMX maintained aggressive gold royalty generation programs in Sweden, Norway, and Finland, while continuing to acquire and advance a emx crypto of base metal and "battery-metal" nickel-copper-cobalt-gold-PGE projects.

At the Koonenberry royalty property, "reef" emx crypto gold targets were advanced by the owner and operator of the project. The Company also added a new project to the portfolio with the license granted for the Yarrol intrusion-related gold property, which is now available for partnership.

EMX provided an update on its royalty portfolio in Serbia, including the Brestovac uncapped 0.

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After a thorough review of the royalty agreement covering Brestovac, and based on certain publicly available information, EMX does not believe that the circumstances which would have triggered a reduction of the royalty rate have occurred and therefore the royalty rate remains at 0. Furthermore, there is no mechanism for the royalty to be reduced in the future.

The Company substantially grew its asset portfolio in Q3, which totals over royalty and mineral properties on five continents. A majority of the recent growth came from the purchase of over 60 properties in productive and well known mining camps of Ontario and Quebec, 52 of which have been optioned to other companies for payments and royalty interests.

EMX will recoup much of its acquisition costs in just over three years from revenue streams derived from the newly acquired projects. However, the key benefit to EMX come funziona bitcoin tecnico its shareholders is the optionality inherent to this portfolio of mineral property assets in prolific Canadian mining districts that are undergoing a resurgence in exploration activity.

EMX also grew its European and U. EMX's partner companies in Fennoscandia continued raising capital in Q3, and quickly put this emx crypto to work by ramping up field programs and building project value. Multiple projects are now positioned for drill testing in Q4, and in early Likewise, in the western U.

Notably, Ridgeline Minerals Corp. Ridgeline is a great example of combining successful royalty generation with strategic investment.

Il sistema permette ai nodi della rete di raggiungere il consenso sulle modifiche del registro, pur in assenza di un ente centrale. Le sue principali caratteristiche sono l'immutabilità, la tracciabilità delle transazioni e la sicurezza.

The Company continues to systematically evaluate potential base and precious metals royalty portfolio acquisitions. Clearly, this is a highly competitive space, and EMX's efforts suggest that this segment of the industry is a "seller's market".

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So far, the royalty acquisition opportunities presented to EMX have not held up under sober due diligence and emx crypto. Yet the Company remains poised to act on the right opportunities when they do present themselves, and has participated in several bidding processes, while being cautious not to overreach for assets.

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EMX is confident that its deep in-region on-the-ground presence in North America, Europe, and Australia provides an advantage in identifying early stage opportunities that others emx crypto miss. Although has been a challenging year, EMX and its partners having successfully adapted to the Emx crypto situation, and the bull market in precious and battery metals assets has put the wind at the Company's back.


The Company's royalty generation programs are progressing at full speed, partners are cashed up and increasing project value, and key assets, such as Leeville, Timok, and Balya, continue to build future cash flow potential with increasing reserves and accelerated development schedules.

Eric P. About EMX. EMX is a precious and base metals royalty company.

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EMX's investors are provided with discovery, development, and commodity price optionality, while limiting exposure to risks inherent to operating companies.

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