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We also have a dedicated coindesk bitcoin for customers specifically interested in coindesk bitcoin Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies systems.

We are able to assist during a Cyber Incident providing a mix of Cyber Security and Cryptocurrencies know-how that is quite unique in our Region and allow us to provide an effective response in case of Ransomware attacks.

coindesk bitcoin We have a specialization related to Cyber Risk assessment, quantification and mitigation, we work with Customers and different players in the Insurance Industry like Loss Adjusters, Brokers, Underwriters providing our technical consulting services related to Cyber Risk and Incident Response. Blockchain Our Blockchain and Crypto offering is built to support customers to implement and launch innovative projects with Distributed Ledger Technologies.

We provide strategic advisory, support to leverage Blockchain, Digital Assets and Cryptocurrencies in existing or new coindesk bitcoin models.

We offer technology consulting, selection and system integration of best of breed solutions, development of Proof of Concepts, Software Solutions, Smart Contracts, Decentralized Applications Dapps. Technologies Thanks to a broad knowledge and experience with different Technology Vendors we help to select, test and effectively deploy Cyber Security and Blockchain Technology Solutions.

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We also provide services for installation, configuration and post-sales support of software and hardware solutions. We are able to provide assistance related to a broad spectrum of Cyber Security technologies with a focus on Incident Response and Cyber Risk, but also to scout and select niche and innovative Cyber Coindesk bitcoin products for Private Companies and Government Organizations looking for the highest level of Security and non-conventional solutions. Approach Tailored Services Our mission is to provide real value to customers adding our technology expertise to any projects where coindesk bitcoin are engaged.

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In our view, all start mercato cinese bitcoin listening customer needs and carefully evaluate the specific scenario before proposing a solution. Mixing our technical, market and strategic understanding of Cyber Security and Blockchain, we are coindesk bitcoin to offer tailored services and solutions leveraging existing standard technologies, niche and non-conventional solutions, system integration and custom software development.

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