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Blockchain passionate with 5 years experience in industry. Ex Cisco certified network engineer. For many years operating in the IT and marketing industry.

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Also own with experience in business, a blockchain creator. What do you think about idea? CoinCasso is the world's broker italiani famosi holistic crypto project and as exchange company shares own profit to its members.

We are European and crypto licensed in Estonia company with worldwide aspirations.

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Cryptocurrency exchange platforms always earn no matter if the market goes up or down and always at the expense of its users. We will change it. I am a CEO and co-founder of the project. I am responsible for recruitment, technical issues in particular regarding trading and human resource management.

I have many years of experience in creating and running multi-branch companies. I've been passionate about Bitcoin and modern technologies for ccx crypto exchange years. CoinCasso is not just a business for us, but above all an idea. We want to spread awareness about innovative solutions that change the world. Consulting, marketing services and capital raising.

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Researches marketing trends and data. Provides expert information regarding promotions, branding, media channels, and other key information for btc mt4 broker success.

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Works as an independent consultant to provide marketing expertise. Researches markets, trends, sales results, and other data related to products or services.

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An innovative idea that goes beyond the ccx crypto exchange known forms. An idea how to use crowdfunding in an appropriate way.

As Head of international operations, I am responsible for international contacts and relationships with potential partners and investors. Searching for innovative solutions for the company and creating new directions of expansion.

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Unique approach. Being an hybrid, CoinCasso is the first of it kind in the market. CoinCasso offer users democratic opportunities to add their coins and personal tokens.

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For the first time users of the exchange will have more possibilities then ever. I think is the revolutionary vision, in which we can change the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. CoinCasso is an exchange platform which as the first in the industry shares profits with its members.

The project is ready in its first phase. I am responsible for contacting with users, fixing technical issues, testing new functions, and communicating with developers team. We are going to change the way of taking profits from the cryptocurrency market. No matter market goes up or down, you can earn money on being our member!

I create social media and blog posts, including news from the ccx crypto exchange world, cryptocurrency reviews and, above all, news related to our company. I make sure that the content is of the highest quality, because proper branding is a significant part of every project's success.

Except for that, we plan many other exciting features, including a network of ATMs. Stay tuned! Primarily, I develop applications and work with the visual part of CoinCasso products.

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What's more, my responsibilities include developing some business processes for a company. Our missions is to create large crypto-society around the world, by providing innovative solutions based on blockchain technology.

CoinCasso is a holistic, world-changing cryptocurrency exchange platform which as first in the industry shares profits with its members.

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We would like to expand awareness about innovative solutions, which may influence everyday life of billions of people, regardless of the ccx crypto exchange they live in. I'm developing web applications for CoinCasso, including cryptocurrency exchange and a few side projects. I strongly believe that democratic and holistic solutions are lacking in the cryptocurrency world, although they are needed.

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CoinCasso is one of the most innovative projects in blockchain industry. Im the Technical Lead in the project. I take care of everything that concerns technology and our web services. I ccx crypto exchange that the idea of democratized services is the future. Best products in history were build by whole communities and not by a centralized entity.

I am the Marketing Manager of CoinCasso team. I am responsible for creating the whole marketing strategy for the project, social media content for the channels as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Telegram and communication with our community. Also one of my main duties is the PR ccx crypto exchange the company. The organisations of the summits and contact with media. We are the first project which is holistic, which means implementing solutions on a few business layers regarding the cryptocurrency solutions to make using easier for our users.

Most of the exchanges do not have it. We want to disqualify the problems connected with using the banks by users.

This is the first project in the world which underlines the education and information issue of how to use and what cryptocurrencies are. We implement hybrid solutions. Security is the most important. We combine centralised and decentralised projects.

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We want users to have two wallets. If they do not trade, they will be able to keep their funds in a safe way. We want them to have private keys.

After finishing the implementing period of CoinCasso 2. We build the project for users and with users. The code is open-source and it will be available at GitHub. The application is fully decentralised which lets our users totally safe funds keeping.

CoinCasso Ultime novità.

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