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GMK is convenient. Our product kits include everything you would need for an btc marrit facial. The RSI is likely the most flexible and easy to use among the technical indicators.

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This trading strategy A script btc marrit help you plan your entrances and exits with beautiful colors for BTC. It just helps to better highlight the gap between the start of the week and the end.

It only work on Weekly. Good Morning Traders!

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Today I want to share with you the proof-of-concept of how you would be able to do arbitrage with crypto pairs. This arbitrage method is based on the transitional decorrelation between the crypto treding pair and the price ratio of the BTC perpetual volume on Binance is about 4x spot volume.

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Comparing spot and perpetual volumes could provide useful insights into market sentiment. Abnormal increases in the spot market could be associated with accumulation.

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Abnormal increases in the perpetual market, on the other hand, could predict volatility as well lows and highs.

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