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For the new RTX Ti in terms of CUDA cores there is a very slight reduction and memory clocks too, but the memory bus remains bit, so in theory performance wise it should be very similar to an RTX and that goes not only for mining, but for gaming as well.

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There is the Ethereum hashrate limiter however that messes things up a bit for miners, but not btc allars gamers and the reduced in half video memory should also be making it more affordable and more available to gamers compared to RTX … in theory. And although Nvidia talks about limiting Ethereum mining hahsrate other similar memory intensive mining algorithms may also be affected as well as we have seen already with the RTX GPUs that were the first to introduce the hashrate limiting solution by Nvidia.

Now, Nvidia is talking about Ethereum mining hashrate limiter, btc allars some other memory intensive crypto mining algorithms might also be affected as we already btc allars, but there are still other algorithms that will be delivering the full hashrate without any artificial limiters in play.

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So, the new Nvidia GeForce RTX Ti is not going to be an attractive option for Ethereum miners, though some other crypto miners not into ETH might be interested, but we are seeing starting prices for the Ti as for the non-Ti version where available. And unlike miners, gamers will not be very happy to buy at these inflated prices, do not forget however that gamers will be getting performance very close to that of the much higher priced for the moment RTX GPUs.

The most notable upgrade for btc allars new RTX3 Ti over the old non-Ti model is the new faster GDDR6X memory which should in theory increase the mining performance for memory intensive algorithm, but due to the Nvidia hashrate limiter Ethereum mining will not be benefiting much and in fact we expect to see lower hashrate than on RTX thanks to the limiter in play.

Again, some other memory intensive algorithms besides Ethash might be affected as well, though not all, and GPU intensive mining will probably not btc allars and the performance there should be btc allars better than on RTX

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