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bitcoin real estate market

The financial institutions needs to find new ways to attract private investors.

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The fintech give us this opportunity especially in this historical era. What can we Tokenize? Blockchain technology has the power to change many business models because of its transparent, immutable, and distributed features.

Trasmettere il controvalore delle criptovalute al proprietario di un immobile è un attimo e gli uomini più ricchi del mondo pagano ormai con i Bitcoin. Matteo Corsini-e sopratutto un indice di grande salute del mercato terziario nelle principali città italiane. Il futuro è roseo e dalla speculazione sulle criptovalute beneficierà il mercato immobiliare in Italia e in Europa. Non c'e' dubbio che quanto più i sistemi di pagamento si evolvono ,tanto più il denaro circola sui mercati,e la mostruosa crescita del valore dei BITCOIN è legata a doppio filo con la macroeconomia, dunque si basa su espressioni fondamentali ,speculazione crescita investimento.

Just in the way like bitcoin is reshaping the financial panorama, tokenization of assets on the blockchain can make investing in assets such as stocks, bonds, real estate, art ownership, shares, etc. Thanks to tokenization can be created a digital representation of an asset into Blockchain.

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In this way, that token can be moved, recorded, or stored on a Blockchain. Head of Product Development of Luxochain SA, Swisse based company that uses the Blockchain to contrast the counterfeiting of luxury products.

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Passionate about finance, innovative technologies and blockchain, he is a convinced supporter of the marriage between the old economy and technology. Previously he was a software engineer in different automation industries related based in Italy.

A new market for new investors

He is a trading system designer for banks and private traders. Passionate designer, Blockchain Smart contract developer and Blockchain code reviewer. After graduating in Economics and Commerce at the University of Pescara inhe began his entrepreneurial career ranging from music to utilities.

Bayram Tekce, the Chairman of Tekce Overseas Gayrimenkul AS, declared that they have made dozens of property sales with crypto currencies within the last 2 months. In this sense, one of the most important markets was real estate. Evaluating the developments in the market, Bayram Tekce, Chairman of Tekce Overseas, stated, "With our goal to be a pioneer in PropTech, crypto payment methods were always on our agenda. In this period, when the value of Bitcoin reached record levels, we created a significant value with the reliable and easy payment methods we offer to investors and we experienced a serious increase in demand in this regard.

In love with innovation, expert in managing sales networks, ready to seize the opportunities deriving from changes and always looking for new challenges, like RealHouse projects. Work with us Would you like to work in a dynamic bitcoin negoziazione analisi tecnica proactive environment, leaving you the possibility to develop code from remote?

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We are looking for high skilled profiles in Ruby on Rails, with experience and motivated to add blockchain features to add to their knowledge. We offer great opportunities in term of freedom.

Inflation will be the Knockout Punch to our Economy

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