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bitcoin r3
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Since October, around banks have been operating on Spunta, the nodes network. In this way, the technological infrastructure of nodes is working for the banking sector and for Italy.

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The latest addition of banks has entered into operation, on top of the 23 operational since May and the initial group of 32 that started in March.

As of today, bitcoin r3 banks have access daily to their own nodes to manage this interbank process, that moved from a traditional slow and labour intensive exchange of telephone calls and messages to a solution that leverage a frontier technology that streamlines and automates the reconciliation of transactions. bitcoin r3

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Spunta, the banking industry blockchain in Italy, is being followed with great interest by other European banks. Additionally, in Italy there are many further usage potentials within the banking sector, as well as expanding the network of nodes to other industries to generate a seamless relationship with their banks.

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Blockchain - Distributed ledger technology Dlt Bitcoin r3 blockchain, also intended as distributed ledger technology DLTallows a large database to be spread and distributed on multiple nodes, i. This allows to think and design the relation and exchanges between the participants in a different way.

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With the Spunta Banca DLT project, the Italian Banking Association has effectively brought blockchain to Italian banking through an infrastructure for banks operating in Italy that will also be able to host other applications in the future.

Interbank reconciliation The new application verifies the matching of correspondent accounts that involve two different banks. The interbank reconciliation procedure in Italy is linked to processes traditionally carried out by the back office and are bitcoin r3 at reconciling the transaction flows that generate accounting entries in the mutual accounts in Bitcoin r3 and at managing pending transactions.

Up to now, reconciliation was based on bilateral registers with a low level of standardisation and operating processes that were not very advanced. The implementation of a blockchain-based process using Distributed Ledger Technology DLT for interbank reconciliations in Italy makes it possible to automatically detect non-matching transactions using a shared algorithm, standardises both the process bitcoin r3 the single communication channel, and bitcoin r3 a comprehensive view of the transactions among the interested parties.

As a consequence, the principles of the new Spunta envisage full visibility of the transactions and those bitcoin r3 the counterparty; rapid management of the flows with daily, rather than monthly, reconciliations; shared rules for the symmetrical reconciliation of transactions between counterparty banks; and the integrated management of communications and processes in the event bitcoin r3 an imbalance.

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The update of the Agreement for keeping mutual accounts between banks has allowed for the adoption of the new method across the entire sector from March. After the first migration wave in March, a group of banks entered into production in May.

Now, in October, a new group of banks became operational on Spunta.

R3 Corda: immersione profonda e revisione tecnica

Starting from March 1st, the Spunta infrastructure processed million transactions related to the 55 banks migrated in the first two waves. The time required to complete the processing is about one hour per night. By the end of the bitcoin r3, the number of processed transactions is expected to exceed million.

If this application will be applied to more complex cases, working at its full capacity, it was estimated that the infrastructure would be able to manage a total volume of 8.

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