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Jackie Deasy Went to a nearby cities branch, it was closed. Went to our branch, it was closed.

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All permanently!! Will be leaving Citi in the near future.

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We saw your post and wanted to reach out. If you need help with your account, please don't hesitate to send us a private message bitcoin backout in pakistan details of the issue, your account type and the country it was opened in no accounts or PINs.

For example, if Citi customer service tells you something via online chat, dont count on anything you are told.

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They can and will tell you it doesnt matter what you were told via chat even when you have the transcript. And the higher level customer service is even worse. I applied for the credit card last month.

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The first bitcoin backout in pakistan I used it with the temporary expiry they provided during application got blocked. I got a mail from Citi security days later asking to call them before I can use it again.

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Reps asked for a security code but the mail does not have it! Agent said they will send another letter. Took many days before another mail arrived. Same issue.


No code in the letter! Now agent said they can text the phone number on file but it's a business landline so it can't receive text!

I have my cellphone on their file but somehow they can't choose which number to text.

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I am out of town so I can't check whether the 4th letter has arrived. I called again and they said they can call the landline but I cannot personally pick up the phone. My employees can except Citi won't give the code to unlock the credit card unless I am on the phone. Stuck in this loop where I can't unlock the credit card!

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I'm losing income for my business now that I need the credit card. It's been weeks trying to get this credit card to work! Horrible experience!

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